SH110 Donor Tree (110 plates)

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Specify if you want a header plate or not, (No added charge.) Plates are located in the lower left of our rectangular tree plaques (SH Series), and are located above the tree trunk on our silhouette (SH Series) plaques. After completing your order, please be sure to e-mail us with your copy for all plates and headers. All header plates on all our products have FREE engraving. Please include your name, order number and any other important information. Four lines maximum copy per plate (we will provide a pr
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The SH Wood Silhouette Series Recognition Trees are constructed of high quality warp resistant 3-D MDF core pressed wood (approximate thickness of 1") with a high tech durable marr resistant and washable cabinet commercial grade vinyl laminate in your choice of 6 visually authentic wood finish colors: Mahogany, Light & Dark Maple, Walnut, Rosewood, and Classic Cherry. The individual laser engraved plates easily mount into an exact fitting indentation giving all plates an actual inlayed look! An optional 4x8" wide header plate can be added at no additional charge, however depending on the particular tree shape, some leaves may be displaced or eliminated to accommodate the header, (typically 10 plates will be removed). All prices include engraving copy of your choice on the header plate. When ordering, be sure to e-mail us all necessary copy for the plates and header.
Please note that published prices do not include leaf engraving charges. Please refer to the Leaf Imprinting Price schedule. Engraving the header plate is included in the price, however additional charges apply for engraving logos. Be sure to e-mail us all copy for leaves and header plate.
The SH110 Wood Silhouette
Donor Recognition Tree - 110 Plates
42-1/2W x 37-1/2"H

Material- 3D MDF Core with vacuum formed commercial grade cabinet vinyl 42-1/2" wide x 37-1/2" high x 1" thick (approx.), 110 Standard Plates 3-3/8"x1-7/8" Edges - Decorative Bevel Plate Color Options - black/gold copy, brushed gold/blk copy, brushed silver/blk copy, brushed copper/blk copy Plate Engraving - Lasered Plate Mounting - Brass screws (standard) Header Plate - Optional with engraving included 4x8"(no additional charge) Shipping - Additional charge Mounting Method - Countersunk holes behind plates for screws (mounting hardware not included)