Expanding Solo-Leaf Donor Tree (174 leaf Samara)
Complete Package (50-1/2" H x 66-1/2" W)

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50-1/2" high x 66-1/2" wide
Choose your leaf type: Polymer or Metal. There is an additional charge for metal leaves. Note: Polymer leaves are laser engraved exposing a black core and creating letters that are black with excellent clarity. Metal leaves are direct to surface printed with black UV Cured ink which also creates a black letter that has excellent clarity.
Choose your leaf finish color. If you desire a mixture of colors, specify this and let us know the actual quantities desired for each color (gold, silver, copper, etc.)

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Total: 174
Remaining: 174
*If only one color is selected the leaf quantity will match the number of leaves on the tree.
Tell us if you need imprinting/engraving on your leaves or not, and how many.

Tell us if you need text added to your leaves or not, and how many.

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The "Expanding Solo-Leaf" Tree works best when you need the flexibility to add more leaves in the future. All Leaves attach separately to the wall by themselves (solo). Each leaf has its own individual clear acrylic backer plate. By affixing these leaf acrylic backer plates permanently to the wall, you are able to attach and remove leaves easily from the acrylic backer with two screws. Tree configurations start with as little as 105 leaves and progress to a 597 leaf footprint. Once you have purchased a full tree package you may add leaf sections as you please. All leaf sections are numbered 1 through 13, where the higher numbered sections are next in line to purchase for expansion. Mounting templates are provided with all full tree packages as well as section add-on purchases to ensure your leaves are mounted in their proper positions. The tree trunk is approximately 26" tall and is cast from resin with impregnated bronze, giving it a realistic cast bronze look. All mounting hardware is included. For indoor use only.

The French Curve style leaves measure 1-3/4" x 3-1/2", and come standard in laser engraved polymer material with the following finishes: brushed gold, brushed silver, brushed copper, brushed bronze and green verde. For an added charge, change to UV printed metal leaves with the following available finishes: satin gold brass, satin silver brass, or satin copper.

When ordering, be sure to e-mail us all necessary copy for the leaves. Please note that published prices do not include leaf engraving charges or shipping. Please refer to Leaf Imprinting Price Schedule above for these additional charges. Please mail or e-mail us all copy for leaves and header plate.

Questions, or prefer to order by phone? Call toll free 1-888-462-5008

Expanding Solo-Leaf Recognition Tree (174 leaves) with a three dimensional cast resin truck. Brushed gold, silver or copper leaves are individually mounted to small acrylic backers creating a unique and beautiful display for donor recognition or memorials.

Trunk - 26" tall cast from resin with impregnated bronze particulates
Engraved Polymer Leaf Finishes - 1-3/4 x 3-1/2", french curve style, brushed gold, brushed silver, brushed copper, brushed bronze & green verde
Optional UV Printed Metal Leaf Finishes - satin gold brass, satin silver brass, or satin copper
Tree Size - Approximately 50-1/2" high x 66-1/2" wide
Installation - Trunk and leaf acrylic backer plates mount flush to wall (all hardware included)
Imprinting method on leaves - Sublimation
Freight - Additional Charge

Leaf Imprinting - Additional Charge (minimum of 5 at a time)

*All mounting hardware and full size mounting template included
*Expandable up to 597 leaves