Expanding Solo-Leaf Add-On Sections

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Please designate which add-on sections you need. For further illustrations and explanation, read the description, and click on the link below that reads "view add-on sections here." It is assumed you already have a 105 leaf tree, and therefore sections 1, 2 and 3 are not options because they would have been purchased originally, (product code solo105 - a 105 leaf tree).
Solo-Leaf Add-on Sections
Choose your leaf finish color. If you desire a mixture of colors, specify this and let us know the actual quantities desired for each color (gold, silver, copper, etc.)

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The "expanding Solo-leaf tree is a donor-recognition tree that uses individual leaves mounted to clear acrylic leaf shaped backers. These acrylic backers are mounted to the wall with a screw and anchor. Add-on sections are available for those who have purchased an Expanding Solo-Leaf Tree in the past and are ready to add more leaves. All sections are numbered, and the tree starts with the basic configuration of 105 leaves consisting of sections 1,2 and 3. To make the 105 leaf tree larger, you would need to add sections 4 and 5 which would give you 174 leaves total. By simply choosing the next consecutive numbered section up from your existng tree, you can add leaves all the way up to 597 leaves total. For a further visual illustration of the available sections and configurations click here.

All sections come with paper templates to help you line up sections with existing sections and to assist in proper positioning of each leaf. All mounting hardware is also included.

When ordering, be sure to e-mail us all necessary copy for the leaves if applicable. Please note that published prices do not include leaf engraving charges or shipping. Please refer to Leaf Imprinting Price Schedule above for these additional charges. Please mail or e-mail us all copy for leaves and header plate.

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Expanding Solo-Leaf Add-on Sections

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