Donor Tree FAQ

  • Put it up now, even if the leaves are all blank, because your new tree will be a MOTIVATING TOOL that will fuel giving. If on a tight budget, start with a smaller tree if necessary, but be sure you can expand the tree if you need to.

  • Very easy, they come with FULL SIZE PAPER MOUNTING TEMPLATES. Simply tape template to wall, drill holes through template where indicated, insert plastic wall anchors and mount acrylic modules. All leaves will already be mounted to acrylic modules to save you time. All hardware and templates are included, (except for SH and RT Series Trees)

  • We will install all the leaves to the acrylic modules before we ship to save you time. We recommend that leaves be dispersed throughout the tree in a RANDOM arrangement. If requested, we can make sure certain leaves are placed next to each other in the event that they are family.

  • Expanding Modular Tree Trunk – 27”H x 17-3/4”W, 5/8” thick solid mahogany, 2D flat face

    Growing Tree Trunk – 15-1/2” H x 13”W, solid cast bronze, 3D

    Great Tree Trunk – 38” x 38”, solid cast bronze, 3D

    Expanding Solo Leaf Tree Trunk – 20”W x 26” H, cast resin, 3D

    RT and SH Series Trunks made of cast resin with impregnated bronze

  • No, not at all. All the weight is spread out and distributed on the wall. (Brick or drywall)

  • Yes, the hardware provided can be used for either sheetrock (drywall) or brick/block/cement walls. (Hardware not provided for SH and RT Trees)

  • The expanding modular tree, SH and RT Series trees, and the solo leaf tree are for indoors only. The Great Tree and Growing Tree CAN be installed outdoors, but we need to switch leaves to an OUTDOOR POLYMER material with black plastic screws. Solo leaves, butterflies and donor tree accessories are for indoor use only.

  • This tree consists of a solid 2D Mahogany trunk mounted flush against the wall. Leaves are mounted to a clear 1/4" thick CLEAR "acrylic module" using 2 brass screws per leaf. Each module has tapped holes to accept either 15 leaves (module A) or 14 leaves (module B). Modules are mounted very close to each other, and installed on the wall using spacers so the leaves have a "floating" affect. From THIS DIAGRAM, you can see that the 74 leaf tree has four A modules and one B module.

  • These BRONZE DONOR TREES trees consists of a solid 3D cast bronze trunk and branches mounted flush against the wall. Leaves are mounted to a clear 3/8" thick CLEAR "acrylic module" using 2 brass screws per leaf. Each module has tapped holes to accept from 25 to 32 leaves. Modules are mounted a ways apart on the wall and connected with branches. All acrylic modules are installed on the wall using spacers so the leaves have a "floating" affect.

  •  Primarily because the trunks and branches are SOLID CAST BRONZE which almost doubles the cost, versus a wood trunk tree like our Expanding Modular Tree. Remember, bronze can be considered a “precious metal!”

  • Typically you want the middle of the tree installed at about eye level. Be sure to leave room if you will be expanding your tree in the future.

  • Leaves are available in brushed Satin Gold (brass), brushed satin silver (nickel or aluminum), and brushed satin copper (copper). Leaves come in three colors so you can designate 3 levels of giving if necessary. Gold would be for your highest donors, silver for mid-level givers and copper for your lower donations. More color options are available in the Polymer leaves which are primarily used on the SH and RT Series Trees. Use stones, apples, acorns or doves for additional levels of giving (all found in our “accessories” section).

  • Small French Curve 1-3/4” x 3-1/2” (Growing Tree and Great Tree, Expanding Solo Leaf Tree, RT Series, SH Series)

    Standard Leaf (eyeball shaped) 1-1/2” x 4” (Expanding Modular Tree)

  • They are made of a POLYMER, with a thin metal faced laminate. They are a French Curve shape (1-3/4” x 3-1/2”), and are laser engraved.

  • They are not made of solid wood, otherwise they would likely warp being so large and thin. Instead, they are made of a warp resistant fiberboard laminated with a cabinet grade vinyl overlay. The leaves set into a recessed leaf area that is routed out of the fiberboard before the laminate is applied. The trunk is 3D cast resin and inlayed into a recessed cavity. Wood finish colors for the SH and RT Series Trees can be found HERE

  • We do not provide mounting holes. You will need to remove some leaves, drill mounting holes, countersink and install into studs or use wall anchors.

  • All look very realistic except for the rosewood. Walnut and Mahogany are our favorites.

  • No.........Polymer leaves – definitely not. Metal leaves typically will not because they are poly-clear coated. They may “pit” and corrode if placed outdoors, especially in a “salty” environment near the ocean.

  • This is difficult to answer. It depends on your DEMOGRAPHICS. For example, a large church located in a wealthy 3rd ring suburb in Chicago can ask more money for the leaves than a small rural church in the country. Other factors may play a role in what you can fetch for a leaf, such as how well you market your campaign, what your donations will be used for, etc..

  • You can have a local vendor engrave or print your leaves, or we can do it for you. We DO NOT ENGRAVE leaves, WE PRINT the text on our leaves. This is a printing process using a heat press where the ink goes directly into the metal alloy of the leaf. The text cannot be scratched or rubbed off.......much like a tattoo on the skin that you cannot feel but is permanent. To have leaves imprinted by us, send us an e-mail with the text specifications. We will print your e-mail, create an order, and hold your order until we receive your leaves. Once received, we can print them in about a week. We will mail your imprinted leaves back with an invoice. When sending us leaves, carefully remove the leaves from your tree, WRAP THEM BETWEEN PAPER or paper towels, BUNDLE TIGHTLY with tape or rubber binder, and MAIL IN A BUBBLE PACK. Include your e-mail or text specs with your leaves.

  • It's quicker, less expensive for you, and the text comes out BLACKER, BOLDER AND MORE LEGIBLE. Engraving can cost as high as .35 cents per letter which can add up to $21 for a 3 line engraved leaf!!

  • Word Doc, Spreadsheet, or in the “body” of an e-mail. If a spreadsheet – NO COLUMNS for lines....... rows only.

  • Yes, if you request this. Typically, proofs are provided when we first print leaves for you, however we do not provide proofs for leaves printed afterwords..... primarily because we follow the standard used at the beginning.

  • Between 16-18 point depending on font, and amount of text.

  • We have a font sample sheet we can send you of our most commonly used fonts. Common fonts can also be found HERE

  • When we lay out your leaves we do not sacrifice the text on all leaves because of a few lengthy ones. We try to keep the text as large as possible, but the few lengthy leaves will have slightly smaller or condensed text that will be hardly noticeable. Once we arrive at a size, we stick with it........we strive for consistency in text size.

  • These ACCESSORIES are typically for your “big-hitters”....for larger donors. Stones go at the bottom of your tree along the bottom baseline of your trunk. Apples and acorns generally go around the leaves, however, be aware that they may need to be moved someday if you expand and increase the number of leaves on your tree.

  • No, imprint charges are additional and can be found on the product page in the options section

  • We have gone up to as many as 6 lines, but as a rule, like the leaves, up to 3 to 4 lines and 20-23 characters and spaces per's the same as the leaves because we use larger font sizes on the accessories.

  • They are solid cast bronze. If you are on a tight budget, consider our resin stones and acorn, (made of cast resin with fine impregnated bronze millings)

  • Yes, we would call this a “KEY” plaque, and this would be done on our plaque shown on our “Accessory” page(s). It can be 4x6” or 5x7”, and is made of a gold imprinted front plate mounted to a larger piece of laser cut black acrylic creating a black border or edge.

  • Typically 2-3 weeks (a little longer for RT and SH series trees)

  • The trees are sold as complete TURNKEY UNITS, but prices do not include leaf imprinting charges ($3.75 per leaf) or freight charges. Otherwise, everything you need to install a complete tree is included: trunk, leaves, mounting hardware, instructions, templates, etc..

  • Metal leaves cost $2.95 each. POLYMER leaves cost $1.95 each. There are no quantity discounts and larger leaves, if available, cost more. Imprinting is an additional charge - $3.75 per leaf. We also sell on our accessories page(s) individual leaves with individual acrylic backers. This way, you can mount the clear acrylic backer permanently to the wall, and the leaf mounts to the acrylic with 2 screws allowing for easy changeability. Leaves can be found on our ACCESSORIES pages

  • I'm sorry but we do not. Almost all of our customers are non-profit organizations, and we try to price our products as competitively as possible.

  • Yes, especially if you are ordering accessories or leaves. If you want to order a tree, and feel comfortable ordering on our secure website, please feel free to do so. We recommend you call us if you have any questions, and will gladly accept orders over the phone.

  • Minimum ½ down by check or credit card.

  • We have been selling trees for almost 10 years now. We do not plan on going out of business! Nevertheless, leaves are available elsewhere, and many Award Shops can sublimate or print on the leaves.

  • We sell many types of trees.....some made by us and some not. The Growing and Great Tree is made by a manufacturer in Chicago who sells through distributors like us. We still bring the Growing and Great Trees to our facility, and check the entire tree for quality and fit. In addition, all the “LEAF WORK” would still be done by us to assure your tree is perfect.

  • Yes, acrylic letters painted duronodic bronze or gold are a good option for about ½ the cost. These are not on our website.....please call.

  • No we do not. The SAMPLE MARKETING BROCHURE on our website is just an example we provided that you may use as a guide. We can send you a pdf of this by e-mail if you desire.