Verbena Expanding Modular Tree (Resin Trunk)

What makes our Verbena Expanding Modular Donor Trees “The Absolute Perfect” recognition tree?? After selling donor recognition trees for as many years as we have, we learned through trial and error what makes the ideal donor recognition tree. Our experience has led us to develop a recognition tree that satisfies a number of requirements both from a manufacturing and customer viewpoint. We feel The Verbena Tree with it's Cast Resin Trunk truly meets the many stringent requirements demanded by our customers, and offers many of the the best features found our other trees:

  1. Affordable – This Tree will not break your budget. Unlike real bronze trunks, the cast resin simulated bronze 3D tree trunk costs almost half the price! Obtain the highly sought after three dimensional trunk look, without paying the high price of 3D carved wood or genuine cast bronze.
  2. Flexibility & Expandable – Clear acrylic add-on modules of 14 and 15 leaves sold separately for easy expandability. No need to add leaves in expensive 50 or 100 leaf increments like other trees.....add only 15 if you want. (Leaves available in 3 finishes at no extra charge; satin or brushed gold, silver & copper)
  3. Tight Configuration – Leaves configured together tightly which allows for maximum growth while still conserving on wall space.
  4. Resin Accessories – Many accessories available, including cast resin stones and acorns that match the cast resin tree trunk.
  5. Legible, crisp, clean, black Leaf Imprinting/Engraving – Leaves come in a standard metallic faced polymer material (engraved), or upgrade to metal, (printed). All printed/engraved text on leaves is black, clear and very legible. Our printing and engraving technology allows for maximum flexibility in font choice.
  6. Quality & Made in the USA – 1/4” thick clear acrylic leaf backer modules are laser cut for accuracy and smooth edges, and holes are drilled and tapped to accept leaf screws and prevent acrylic cracking.
  7. Ease of Installation – A full size paper mounting template is included along with illustrated installation instructions. All hardware included.

Note: "Verbena" is a female name meaning "Holy Plant" in Hebrew
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